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Administrators and Managers

Healthcare touches everyone’s life. Errors can be costly and at times lead to injury or loss of life. The scheduling of sophisticated Shifts for doctors, nurses, residents, and locum must be given due diligence so that availability at any crucial point can be ensured. With MESHAI’s aesthetic and friendly interface, you can prevent under-allocation or over-allocation of resources and keep your Team motivated and happy.

One of the important advantages of an optimized scheduling process is boosting up unit’s revenue and reducing overheads by better allocating your Human Resources. MESHAI readily manages your Team’s vacation requests and sudden absences. Communication among Members is made much easier allowing for Members to efficiently convey their work preferences and problems with Administrators and Mangers. MESHAI is the enhancer of employee-employer relationships ultimate.

MESHAI saves us so much time; we used to take weeks emailing back and forth and haggling over good and bad shifts to find a schedule that works for everyone. Now, we do all that work in less than 10 minutes for each month’s schedule.

Employees and Staff

If you are a healthcare professional, you have dedicated your life to improving other people’s lives. Chances are you are overworked and are under constant stress. MESHAI allows you to request off time and plan your vacations exactly when needed: a day before or months in advance.

The application further gives you the flexibility to choose when you want to work or even whom you want (or not) to work with by specifying your preferences. This makes it possible to create a schedule that suits you. By doing so it gives you the liberty to balance your professional and personal life. Moreover, the swapping feature enables you to swap your shifts in case of any unforeseen circumstances or that forgotten wedding next weekend.

I have devoted my life to helping others and make a positive contribution to people’s health. It used to be frustrating to never get the shifts that suited my own health condition and my children’s school and after-school hours. With MESHAI, I get the shifts I ask for.


MESHAI users love their tool:

  • "MESHAI's automated algorithm helps to efficiently and fairly draft the schedule; our colleagues enjoy the convenience of submitting time-off request online."
    Niki Mofidi, MD
  • "MESHAI saves time and is easy to use. As a call scheduler for a large residency program, I have been able to make call schedules without the hassle of many spreadsheets and emails."
    Joshua Smalley, MD

Our customers include:

Advantages of MESHAI

MESHAI Petal MD Kronos AMiON SHIFThound Lightning Bolt Medevision
Payment Cycle Monthly Monthly Annually Annually Annually Annually Monthly
Flexible Contracts Long Term Long Term Long Term
Free Setup
Automated Scheduling
Smart Suggestions
Sector Agnostic
Employee Time Off Consideration
Employee Request Consideration
Shift Swap Platform
Fairness and Quality Optimization
Cloud Based
Institutional/Switchboard View
* We guarantee the lowest rates in comparison to all medical schedulers with same set of features. Request a demo and get exact pricing information for your hospital or clinic.

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MESHAI is a dynamic, web-based, automated scheduler that allows you to focus on what you do best!

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